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Fixed Price Funerals £1,995.

A full traditional or modern cremation service at a crematorium of your choice in the Northwest, at a date and time that suits you and your family for a simple fixed fee. A fee with no hidden extras or surprise costs on the final bill. 


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"Don't get ripped off when you pop off"

How are we different from other Funeral Directors?

We don't believe that people should be open to financial exploitation at a time when they are vulnerable and grieving.  It is NOT right that you are charged over £600 for a coffin that costs the Funeral Director £40, nor is it right that you can be asked to pay up to £80 to have your loved one dressed in their own clothes. We have one fixed fee. An open and transparent cost that ensures that everything is provided for a dignified funeral. We are happy to give you written confirmation that our fee is just £1,995. Nothing more to pay.

What people ask us...

Can I choose the date and time of the funeral?


Can I choose the Crematorium?


Does your cost include the Crematorium Fee?


Paying for the Funeral

We can guide you through several options to help settle the funeral account. We work with a third party company who can assist you with monthly payment plans if that would be helpful to you.  Whatever you decided - come and chat with us over a coffee if your are worried about paying for a funeral with us.

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